Feb 25, 2006


Hello... how are things...? well here in Panama we are in Carnivals ya four days of nons top party out of control and drunk people every where...:P lovely no? but i prefer stay home relax and doing some work here is my ifriday.

Hola a todos espero q todo ande bien ..::D aca en Panama estamos celebrando los Carnavales son 4 dias de fiesta fuera de control y muchsisisima borrachera. este es el ifriday de este fin.

hey this site is for all designers to been updated with the lastest stuffs in design, marketing and advertising. so please go check NewsToday.

Atencion diseƱadore smantengase actualizados chekiando este sitio....es el mejor...:P

Feb 19, 2006


This is one of my favorite hiphop songs...have the swing and have the feeling...
and this is for da illustrizzle fridazzle

una de las canciones de hip hop q mas chileo...es q en verdad tiene todo el flow y el estilo... y es para illustrizzle fridazzle con el tema "song"

true this wasn't a good week...too tired i think i'm getting old i think my life is boring and very similar to this guy go check Here at least i went to see Hostelthe friday, wasn't bad movie but i just had a really good time.

tripeen q mi semana fue de lo peor puro estress y presion :( y ademas toa aburrida...me parezco como a este buai weno lo unico nitido fue el viernes porq fui al cine y la pase de maravilla ;) vi Hostel no fue lo q esperaba pero tiene un concepto interesante.

Feb 11, 2006


Fashion, expensive, colored and taste nothing...try it now!!!
JUST SIMPLE... in all the supermarkets.

Bueno este es el ifriday de este fin de semana puro doble sentido espero no c lo tomen a pecho:P.

hey all of u guys who love the tattoo style go here and read the stories and maybe buy some stuff... is one of the great tattoo styles site also have a search engine for tattoo shop, here is Sailor Jerry.

Si se tripean el tattoo style chekeen este site Sailor Jerry y miren la mercancia ala venta es poco carilla pero parece interesante.

Feb 3, 2006


Some games aren't good at all... now is too late to cry...

algunos juegos no son muy wenos....iwal ya es tarde para llorar...

hey also check the blog of this panamenian sweetie it is so interesting.
Whizper Blog.

desen una vuelta por el blog de esta chik panameƱa, es muy inetresante.
Whizper Blog.