Feb 11, 2006


Fashion, expensive, colored and taste nothing...try it now!!!
JUST SIMPLE... in all the supermarkets.

Bueno este es el ifriday de este fin de semana puro doble sentido espero no c lo tomen a pecho:P.

hey all of u guys who love the tattoo style go here and read the stories and maybe buy some stuff... is one of the great tattoo styles site also have a search engine for tattoo shop, here is Sailor Jerry.

Si se tripean el tattoo style chekeen este site Sailor Jerry y miren la mercancia ala venta es poco carilla pero parece interesante.


Cecilia's Art said...

super!!!!! como sempre, falta un autoretrato y ya esta!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just got totally lost (in a good way) at Sailor Jerry's! Thanks for the link :) Hhhaaa, might give 'Simple' a miss when shopping - nope, can't be lured by your great advertising };-}

ragazzahelena said...

whats up Leo!!! hahah tienes que darme una mano para aprender a poner mi imagen en mi blog!! http://helenahimmler.blogspot.com/

EL dibujo "Simple" cada uno tiene una perspectiva distinta... pero esta cool!!



TXArtcGal said...

I like your style! Fun!! Very nice!

Ellen said...

Cute illo!