Jun 25, 2006

a rainy sunday

Este ifriday fue para alguien en especial...espero q t guste ;)

this ifriday is for someone special and i hope u like it.
well good to know we are in winter, i love winter.

i hope all of u, enjoy a nice rain like i do.

Jun 18, 2006


ahora q los 70's estan como de moda....este es mi ifriday pa aprovechar el tema dance...
y si creo q dejare mi afro crecer un rato...haber q tal.

the 7o's fever is here, i tihnk i'll let my afro to grow up for a while again...

Jun 11, 2006


at kid i used to dream of beeing on a safari trip and maybe find out some nice jewels and stuff u know kinda of indiana jones style....
but my jungle is always full of monkeys....:S

Que es una selva sin monos? ....:P