Dec 9, 2007

Hector Pocas Tuercas....

aki ta mi ifriday, que esta vez decidi hacerlo practicando con ese corel painter, wao vaya q es dificil... pero ahi voy...iwal
hector pocas tuercas de seguro les gustara.

here is my ifriday for this week... i did it trying with that Corel Painter... such a hard thing but here it is... anyway i think u will love hector pocas tuercas....



michael said...

Wonderful piece! Good luck with Painter. It's hard to learn, but very much worth the effort, I think.

Arkangeles said...

Once a dream pops from a shell,
its hard to make it stop grow well,
since the Universe conspires to make it true,
therefore, I do think there is much more than talent within you.

I see not just cartoons, or pictures depicted,
I see more than a lesson, or an photo within them,
I truly think you ought to go out and shell yourself,
to make this dream grow and swell, real well.

Gifted are few, Talented many,
and both is just seldom to find them out there like a golden penny,
Use your time wisely, connect with them who,
can firework your dream, and make it come true.

Truly amazing, lovely artwork,
much more than colors, or images as such,
marvelous creations, come out of your hand, and surprises youll find
in your road, far ahead.

by E.A.R.B.

Hey brother, maravillosos tus cartoons !! Proud que seas panameño igual que yo !
Sigue pa lante, que tienes un futuro muy brillante !Felicidaes.

Arkangeles aka

Lucía Borjas said...

Hola! buen resultado con el Corel... por un momento me hizo dudar si era hecho en compu... lo malo de ese programa es que jala memoria como loco!! se atasca :(

Anonymous said...

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