Sep 14, 2008

Lonely Island

Este iFriday del tema "island" lo he hecho relacionado a una cancion de Sam Cooke Lonely Island, si tiene un chancecillo, la escuchan :)
espero les sea de su agrado el dibujo... Saludos.

This iFriday with the theme "island", i made it about a Sam Cooke's song, Lonely Island, if u have any chance go listen to it. Is wonderful, i hope u like the draw.

Delen Click para verla mas grande :)

"I live on a lonely island in the heart of the city
I live on a lonely island there isn't any hope for me
I tell you my heart is broken, it's a shame have pity
I might as well be shipwrecked in the middle of the sea

Nobody will believe me, Nobody seems to care
How lonely, how lonely can you be
I walk around the city
My heart sends out a flare
Baby, baby, baby won't you rescue me"